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Back after an eventful few weeks

I missed most of the National League but made it back just on time for that good away win against Monaghan in the league up in Longford before we set up a winner takes all tie against the Lillywhites in Pearse Stadium.

How unlucky we where that day! That second half performance was on of the strongest I seen from the Galway senior team for about two years. The introduction of PJ coupled by domination all over the field set Galway up for victory, I had myself convinced we’d be off the Croker but sadly it didn’t turn down that way.

It was a penalty, I have no questions or doubt about it.. but losing the ball up the field in the buildup was our downfall. Credit to Kildare that day, they brought a lot of fans with them and they got the rub of the green fro a change.

Post Kildare, we geared towards the Connacht Championship on the opening weekend. Buildup had been good, an open ended panel had been selected, the most notable exclusion being that of Nicky Joyce who couldn’t give the commitment..fair enough. Word had it that he missed a couple of trainings during the league and so on. A few challenge games took place in the buildup to Roscommon, a win was got against Laois while the team suffered loss against a Peter Canavan Fermanagh side in Sligo.

On the week of the first round Connacht clash, I must admit, I thought we would struggle to come away with the win and alot of people I talked to agreed. Regardless of anything I thought it would be tight.. how wrong I was.

The game plan worked perfectively for Galway, the way we played football in the good ould days. Smart, sharp kick passing while the ball was planted into the full forward at the earliest convenience. I am not going to smother ye with a match report but Roscommon played right into our hands, getting the wing forwards deep coupled by Bradshaw and O’Donnell’s attacking prowess had trouble written all over it for the sheep stealers. They looked clueless, uninspired, not fit and badly trained.

Not to take anything away from Galway though, they played very well but can’t rest on that. Conroy played his finest game for Galway, Joe Bergin, I never seen him play so well since Mayo 07′. Full back line dominant as where the full forward line. The introduction of Meehan and Joyce just made it the perfect day and for Meehan to get on the scoreboard and set up a well taken goal left the me most happiest.

So now the lads build towards Sligo, confirmed for a 6pm throw-in, Pearse Stadium, June 9th.

We should be able to win the game, but I have learned a long long time ago that when it comes to Galway football, nothing is a certainty.


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