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Disappointing draw in Salthill

gaa.ieThey said Rome wasn’t built in a day and I think that is a fitting reflection after today’s game in Pearse Stadium between Galway and Louth. I am not going to smother ye all with another match report, their will be plenty of them in due course online and on paper. Instead I will just give some brief reflection in bullet-point form on how I seen today’s game at a nippy Salthill.

  • First off, I was happy to see a healthy crowd at both games today, attendance fell short of 5,000 but I thought their was more than that. All in all it was heartening to see a lot of people coming through the gates and supporting the maroon and white.
  • In regards to the game, Louth started well but Galway soon livened up with a goal and a few points. Danny Cummins latched onto a ball which hit off the post and put it into the back of the net. Galway went a few points clear and I expected them to push on, how wrong I was. Credit to Louth, they stuck at it and worked very hard. Middle of the field in the first half it was pretty much 50/5o. The full-back line was playing well but the wing backs of Bradshaw and O’Donnell didn’t mark up too tightly. We got a point just before half time to go two points clear and I thought we would push on again.
  • And now down to the second half, I know what I may say here might offend, but I was very disheartened by the display from the Galway lads. Louth got the ball in hand in their forward line too easily, defenders simply where not tight enough and that is a massive area for concern. In midfield in the second half we got completely wiped out. Fintan O’Currraoin didn’t play at all well but Tom Flynn a bit better than him, not one time during the game did Flynn or O’Curraoin win primary possession from the kick out and that is a big area for concern also.
  • Inside, in the second half, none of the forwards stepped up to the mark, not even Nicky Joyce who I have to say, had a poor game. Michael Martin tried hard but it just didn’t happen out there. Mark Hehir was quite, as was Paul Conroy and Sice. Gareth Bradshaw coming forward got two fine scores, the second leading to an almighty roar from the crowd, he was a worthy winner of the Galway man of the match award.
  • As for the subs who came on, they where fairly quite, Shane Maughan had a chance to put Galway two points clear from the stand sideline but it went wide, it would have been some score. For a finish Louth could have nicked it with several 45’s and had two good goal oppertunities, Galway can count themselves lucky and unlucky because they had plenty of chances themselves.
  • But we all know very well this is a work in progress and that inconsistency will be a threat with young lads. If anything this is only part of the process and Galway will have learned a lot from today, they played good football at times but Louth where very much on top for large chunks of the game. This game and result could be the best thing that could happen to the players, a kick up the arse if I may say because I am sure many players and supporters (myself included) took this game for granted, how foolish we were..

Also, massive congratulations to Clonbur on winning the All Ireland Junior title today in Croke Park after a one point win against Derrytresk. Ye have done Galway proud lads, well done!

Keep the faith fellow Tribes!

IMG: gaa.ie


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