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Just some things to get tied up before our opening National League game tomorrow.

  • The Galway – Derry National League game is going to on TV tomorrow. Deferred coverage of the game will be broadcast on TG4 at 4pm.
  • Articles have been popping up on the internet this weekend from Alan Mullholland, the main gist of them being he doesn’t want Galway to go away from our traditional values of open expansive football and questions the approach of the Donegal’s of this world with their tactics.
  • In terms of tomorrows game, updates will on Galway Bay FM and on Aertel. If I was to give a prediction I would say that for any Galway team it would be a big ask to travel to Derry and win, never mind an inexperienced young team like we have out tomorrow. I hope for a competitive performance from the lads, but I don’t expect anything special. I see a Derry win by a few points, but we are building, for the first time in a long time I can safely say, we are building.

For anyone heading up to the game on the supporters bus or by their own means of transport, have a safe trip and heres hoping we enjoy tomorrow tomorrows game.


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