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Hurlers fall short against Dublin.

As a man who would be more enclined to follow the football, I travelled to Tullamore last night with an open mind. Sure, I’d go out and support the hurlers when ever I could but after last night I wonder when will I return again.

The ground in Tullamore is a fine tidy stadium at the edge of the town and its a credit to all the people who made that redevelopment possible a few years back. A sizeable crowd in the region of about 12,000 I imagine made their way to the ground, alot of them donning the maroon jersey (something I don’t see often with the footballers now a days).

I dont want to go into the details of the game as I am sure you will get it else where but Galway where poor. I couldn’t see much fight out there bar a few players. The backs played well I thought, Collins and Kavanagh really stood out for me. Some of the puck outs from Skehill (had a fine game by the way) where questionable and lacked any real prereheared plan. Dublin had it well sussed though, they dropped deep during a Galway puck out, picking up any of the 50-50s.

In the forward line, the game bypassed them all bar Joe Gantley where he tried, God love him, he tried. He got a goal and kept running at the defence but he couldn’t do alone. The boys around him didn’t respond to his enthusiasm. I would question starting Damien Hayes also, he didn’t seem up for it in terms of fitness as we all know how he has suffered with injuries the past year.

I thought when Dublin went down to 14 men with about 10 minutes to go and when we got the goal, I thought we would push on and narrow the margin, but to Dublin’s credit they stood strong and seen out the game strongly.

I don’t know where this leaves hurling in Galway, as it was already in a fragile state. I still think there is a championship performance in this team, this year, I just wonder when will it come. Starting off last night at odds of 8/1 to win the all Ireland, they have now faded to 28/1 and that’s saying something.

Time for the players to take some accountability, everything is put in place (even if some of the managers decisions are questionable), it’s just a matter of the players coping on a bit and start showing some passion in that maroon jersey. Without that foundation, the whole lot will crumble and that showed last night.

All in all though,



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