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More on Yesterday

It was a disappointing result for this Galway team and have to hope for a mini miracle to make it to the fbd league final, however it was a time to put on some unknown talent on display yesterday and I hope Tomas wont be too discontent with the result, however it would have been a bit disappointing.

I have updated the squad stats and the results section. Here bellow is news reports from different outlets on yesterday’s game.

Galway 1:08 – 2:08 NUIG

[Galway GAA Website][SportsNewsIRELAND][Irish Times][Irish Independent][The Press Association][BreakingNews.ie]

E OConghaile, A Glynn, F Hanley, K McGrath, G ODonnell, N Coyne, P Naughton, E Hoare N Coleman, M Clancy, F Breathnach, M Boyle, J Ryan, C Bane and S Armstrong.Subs: F OCurraoin for Boyle, D ONeill for A Glynn, A Burke for P Naughton,C Cualain for F Breathnach and G Sice for M Clancy


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