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Galway football this week..And the team for Sunday

The eve of the FBD League game against NUIG, and I have some bits and bobs for you.

  • An interview from galwaynews.ie, talking to Tomas O’Flatartha about his first game in charge and how he rated the performance for his Galway team. The news item can be read here.
  • Also word has filtered through that Michael Meehan will more then likely miss the whole national league campaign to get the part- Galway captain in top condition for Championship throw in. Read more here.
  • Galway minor trails have started this weekend also, as they prepare their squad for the 2011 campaign under the guidance for Tommy Joyce
  • Finally, I have the team for tomorrows game against NUIG in the FBD League. Throw is 2pm in Tuam Stadium, an all Galway affair!

1 Éoin Ó Conghaile     Leitir Mór
2 Alan Glynn     Naomh Micheal
3 Finian Hanley(Cpt.)     Br. na Trá-Cnoc na Cathrach
4 Kieran McGrath     Corafinne
5 Gary O’Donnell     Realta Thuama
6 Niall Coyne     Carna Caiseal
7 Paddy Naughton     Bearna
8 Eddie Hoare     Naomh Micheál
9 Niall Coleman     Anach Cuain
10 Matthew Clancy     Uachtar Ard
11 Fiachra Breathnach     Leitir Mór
12 Michael Boyle     Cill Fhir Iarainn
13 Johnathan Ryan     Cill Chloirín/Cluain Biorain
14 Cormac Bane     Cathair Liosgreáin
15 Sean Armstrong     Br. na Trá-Cnoc na Cathrach
16 Padraig Lally     An Spideal
17 Mathias Coleman     Anach Cuain
18 Alan Burke     Corafinne
19 Damien O’Reilly     Uachtar Ard
20 Donal O’Neill     Seamróige Cortúin
21 Conor Healy     Br. na Trá-Cnoc na Cathrach
22 Ciaráin Ó Cualáin     An Ceathrú Rua
23 Gary Sice     Corafinne
24 David Reilly     Mionlach
25 Michael Kelly     Cealltrach
26 Fintán Ó Curraoin     Michéal Breathnach


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