Yet another player lost to AFL

Ronan Steede has become the latest intercounty GAA player to make the switch down under on a nine month contract with Melbourne club Grove Dale. Ronan, who is a Corofin native will be huge loss this season to his club and of course, to his county.

Steede would be underage for intercounty u21 football this season and he would have been a fine addition. Even last season he was a dominant force for club and county and was a key member in Corofins u21 success in 2010. However, he had the potential to make it to senior county football and its just a shame that he has been lost in the short-term, as he could have been part of Tomas O’Flathartha’s plans. He has a course deferred in I.T Sligo just in case it doesn’t work out for him ”bellow”.

However, as he said himself it is a once in a lifetime oppertuinity and you cannot fault him on that, I am sure everyone is wishing him all the best, myself included. But I find it a great shame that we lose our own GAA developed players to AFL professional football in Austraila. What needs to be done though?, a move into the professional game?, everything the GAA doesn’t want to be.. It’s a tough matter but these players have been coached and developed by the GAA and it is only the powers that be in the GAA, that are at fault for letting players go.

Steede isn’t the first player to leave for Aussie Rules and he certainly wont be the last. I wish them all the luck in the world to anyone that does take the big step to Down Under, but it’s just a shame that our potential star players are being lost.

All the best.


2 comments on “Yet another player lost to AFL

  1. Hello,
    we are a French school group coming to Ireland next February and we’ll be in Galway from Feb 10 to 13. During the term following this trip, the pupils will be introduced to Gaelic football, so we’d like to have them attend a match or training, by any team that would practise around these dates. Could you please inform us of anything that could be interesting for us, and where it will happen? You can write to this address : maryline.maas@laposte.net or leave a reply in here.
    Thanks a lot in advance

    • Hi,
      Unfortunately Galway will have no match at the time of your stay in Ireland so you would not be able to catch our county team play a game. However there will be club teams (smaller, less competitive teams) around Galway city and throughout the county of Galway training and playing Gaelic football matches at this time.

      What part of Galway will you be staying, in the city?

      All the best.

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