Killererin are County Champions!

And the breath of fresh air is finially here. A show dominated by the Joyces and co, North Galway side Killererin have dethrowned Corofin as county champions who where, as you know, going for the 3 in a row. Ended up with a 3 point win for the men in white, back to the drawing board for Corofin, a step in the right directions for Killererin.

Full time : Cill Fhir Iarainn 1-10 Cora Finne 1-7


3 comments on “Killererin are County Champions!

  1. nice photos well done killererin

  2. Hi Seaneen – great to see you’re back in action again. 2010 was, in retrospect, a good year to miss (I certainly could have done without seeing and writing about what our lads were up to over the course of the year) but hope springs anew for next year. All the best, WJ

    • Thanks for stopping by WJ!
      Had a bit of a time away and sure, I supposed I picked a right time to go after the year we had back here. Went downhill ever since that game down in Castlebar in Feb, the belief was never there and to be honest the management team made of mickey of everyone with their lavish expenses and little results, however thats an issue for another day. Cant point fingers though, the current crop dont seem up to it and I hope O’Flah can get the ball in motion from 2011 and beyond.

      Been another disappointing year for the Green and Red too, unfortunately. Had high for ye at the start of the year (and its not the 1st time). But it just seemed to fall apart once again, however I hope the two counties can lay the foundations for future success in 2011 and beyond.

      All best Willie, and keep up the great blogging!

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