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Galway in FBD League final

This Sunday Galway will be playing the 2010 FBD league final against the old rival Mayo, our second time playing them in 3 weeks. Not often do you see that happen this time of the year but none the less, I look forward to it. The final was due to be played on the 31st of last month but due to the adverse weather conditions the couple of weeks previous, the league was postponed a week meaning that the final would be played as soon as the 1st break in the league occurred, which was this weekend.

Seeing the Galway side for tomorrow it is very much a team made up of players pushing for a place on the starting team for the championship and the rest of the league of course. Sean Armstrong and Paul Conroy are what you would call ”cup tied” for this match due to them lining out for college teams in the FBD league before this meaning the they where out of contention. The team is as follows :

1. Eoin Ó Conghaile
2. Donal ONeill
3. Finian Hanley
4. Eoin Mac Donagh
5. Tomás Fahy
6. Diarmaid Blake
7. Gary ODonnell
8. Barry Cullinane
9. Niall Coleman
10. Cormac Bane
11. Cillín De Paor
12. Conor Healy
13. Eoin Concannon
14. Joe Bergin
15. Nicky Joyce

At a glance I can see we posses a strong full forward line, Concannon, Bergin and Joyce. It will be interesting to see how Bergin does in full forward again, I hope he can cause some havoc like he did when he played there for Mountbellew in the Galway club championship. Nicky will have to be at his sharp shooting best as he has been to date, one might argue he had a quite game against Mayo last time but its up to him now to prove his worth. In midfield also we see the pairing of old, with Niall Coleman and Barry Cullinane. Barry is a useful player to have with his height but he lacks pace, as for Niall he is a versatile player who can play wing forward also, his position in the wing forward slot is taken up by Cormac Bane who is back against after an injury.

Although it would be nice to win it, the county board will put on a happy face but they know of the financial implications of  winning. The team wins a trip to New York but FBD only pay a certain percentage towards the trip meaning that the county board have to fork out the rest. The trip would be deemed unnessicary for Galway because next October (if they win Sunday) it would be their 3rd time in a year out in the big apple, a big bill at the end of it I feel!

I look forward to tomorrow in Castlebar, throw in is at 2pm and I hope to the high heavens that Mayo don’t do the ”4 in a row” victories against the tribesmen.



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