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Galway GAA official New York Trip

You know its coming to that time of year again when we hear about the Galway supporters trip to New York for the Championship, this year however they have to overcome an obstacle completely out of their control.. the recession. The trip which took place 5 years ago in 2005 was a great success with over 2,000 making the trip across the Atlantic. It is a different country now though, the recession is hitting hard and the last thing on many Galway fan’s mind is going to New York to see a game of football that has as much significance to the football championship as the the Pope has to the Islams.

It’ll be a tough year for the fans of Galway football (and other county fans) who will be cutting back on there Games (its been slowly but surely taken effect these past few years anyway) and this trip to New York would be deemed as unnessicary in many supporters eyes. With no less than 60 names on the plane to New York at this stage, it looks very much like it wont come near the total 5 years ago. I would not be able to afford such a trip at this time, and believe me I am not the only one who can’t. The people at Club Galway have put together a nice package this year at a reasonable price of over a €1,000 which to be fair includes flights, accommodation in the Manhattan Hotel (very posh for this economic climate) and the luxury cruise on the Hudson with Joe Kernan and the Galway team. Credit to Club Galway who have brought down the price but I still feel so many people who travelled 5 years ago will stay away now.

If you are interested in making the trip please contact the county board office in Pearse Stadium on 091-862 500. Should be a good weekend for the travelling party!


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