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The FBD League up and running once more.

The FBD season is upon us once more, where the Tribesmen go in to defend their title which they won against Roscommon after extra time in Tuam Stadium last year. Due to the bad weather games were called to a halt last week and have now been rescheduled for the coming weekend (Galway V Sligo, Tuam Stadium, Sunday). But what can we expect from this years competition?

  • A chance for the players to show there worth to the new manager. Joe Kernan will be expecting the boys to have a good attitude to the competition so that the players can prove their worth to him as the national league looms ever closer. New players such as Michael Martin and Cillian De Paor to prove they are up to the inter-county mark. Another player who will be out to impressive will be Declan Meehan, who is getting older and will want to prove that there is a place for him in Kernan’s set up. Expect the lads to take it seriously as they strive to put down a place in the team.


  •  Low attendances and cold weather : What can we say, its been the worst weather in decades and this will reflect on the attendances for fixtures in this competition (remember attendances where always low). Expect the white tog’s to be coated black, expect a frost laden pitch and expect a national anthem to be played  in front off only a few 100 people.

With all the bad weather about at this time, the FBD league will be badly effected. A question is also being asked.. Do we need this competition to run atall. It has been suggested that the competition is not needed, it doesn’t have a purpose, it is expensive and what not. They are all fair point, but we must look at things from both angles. What does it bring to season?, the chance to try new players before the new National League and Championship, to get some game time (which we know, is better than any training). Leitrim’s assistant manager, John Morrison believe thats the FBD league should be called of if these weekends games are cancelled due to the risk its could cause to players getting to the matches : “If we were to call 20 car loads up from Dublin and Manonhamilton and Galway and one of them is killed or a bad accident, you would never live with it. I wouldn’t take a risk with a young fella’s life,” he said in the Irish Daily Star.

So what ever happened we wish the Galway men luck and I hope they can make good progress during the competition.

Galways FBD League fixtures :
Galway V Sligo – 17th January
Galway V Leitrim – 24th January
Galway V GMIT – 31st January

Final will hopefully be played in the following week…


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