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The break is over for the footballers (and me)

Well I am back once again to get the ball rolling again. Its time for the football action to begin once more with the FBD League just around the corner. (Please note Galway V Sligo in the FBD League is posponed tomorrow due to the adverse weather conditions) Like the footballers, the month of November & December was the ”relaxation” period and I am now back into the blog again.

I would first of all like to wish you all a very happy and prosperous new year. The snow is falling all around us and it is playing havoc with all sporting fixtures around the country, the kids are happy, the minister has given them til’ next Thursday off.. (I wish I was back in those times again).  But it’s no getting away from the preparations for the new footballing season has taken a hit. Galway’s new boss Joe Kernan was speaking on RTE radio last night about his preparations for the new season with Galway. He stated that the conditions meant that training could not take place and it was going to indeed cause a problem for his new team.  However, he did state of the players personal strength and conditioning programme which will benefit them greatly however it is no substitute for getting out on the pitch for a bit of ball in hand. Lets hope conditions improve for all our sakes!

The seniors were meant to play the u21’s in a friendly match in Loughgeroge last week but that game had to be scrapped due to the conditions under foot in Galway’s training facility.

However I would like to pass on the congratulations to the Corofin senior footballers for clinching the Connacht title for the second year running. The club is an asset to Galway football and we hope we can see them in Croke Park on St.Patricks day in the All Ireland final. I will also write up and update on them soon.

I will be back with an update soon.



One comment on “The break is over for the footballers (and me)

  1. Good to see you back in action, Seaneen. With the thaw apparently well set in, we could at last have some football to talk about! All the best, WJ.

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