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The Winter Break?

Sean O’Domhnaill has publically come out and slammed the winter break saying it will be a cause of injury’s once the new year comes around again. O’Domhnaill was making the point that if the players are out of training they come back into football action in January and face injuries when it comes to matches. Is Sean right in what he is saying?, one may argue that those players should be given a rest from the inter-county scene, let them hang loose for a while and get away from it. Burn-out is a major issue also and the time is set a-side of November and December for players rest.

One could also look at the break and say it is not needed, a certain level of fitness should be maintained all year-long and it could be lost in those vital months, give them breaks within the two months but make sure they stay together as a panel for that time. Club GAA teams are in training these two months and they have been training as long as the inter-county players are, granted that clubs are still involved in GAA action but it is a rule that should be revised to accomodate all GAA teams. 

I am at the opinion myself that this rule should be looked at, let the players have the rest, but dont separate them as a team for two whole months, let them stay it touch.  Its the fairest way to work it in the inter-county scene.



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