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Galway Football Review?

As many of us may know by now, Galway Gaa are holding a review of all matters Galway football. A task team has been put in place to look at all aspects of our game in the county which include, referring, fixtures, the progression of development squads and the whole administration aspect of things!. This is a long time in coming however, as the internal state of Galway football has not been the best of late, whether it be games being cancelled for reasons suchs as timing and foolish times of year for them to be played or the standards of refereeing in the county. All might look okay on a national level with our club’s and inter-county teams performing at a high level but with there is alot of ‘nitty-gritty’ problems.

As stated on the Galway gaa website, there was alot of view gathered from online surveys, clubs, schools and other areas with an interest in the development of our game!. The task team now come into effect to put all those view together (as well as there own) to get the very best out of everything Galway football wise. The task teams views will be brought onto the county board, where from there they will decide. Interestingly, the people who have been involved in the  review are as follows: Pádraic Ó Céidigh ( CEO of Aer Arann, Galway football sponsor), former Galway senior footballer John Tobin who is now coaching developer for Connacht Gaa and another name, Seamus O’Grady who was underage chairman for many years and is now the football board secretary is also involved along with former Galway senior manager Liam Sammon.

In my opinion, it is about time that a review of this standard is a long time in coming, they are finally taking the internal issues serious, to develop all aspects of the game in the county which will surely benefit many areas of our clubs teams and inter-county teams in the future!


One comment on “Galway Football Review?

  1. Hi

    I am a director of a company called 21st Century (castlebar) we have developed a software platform for sports (called Sports Manager). You may have come across it? Sports Manager works with 27 Co Boards, including Galway football and hurling.

    We are about to launch a press release nationally (and regionally )about a new service we can now offer Clubs in the sportsmanager 27 Counties. We are rolling out a Free Scoreboard in conjunction with the Co Boards. There are details on this on http://www.clubscoreboard.ie.

    The Scoreboard will feed ‘Live’ fixtures, results and league tables to a Club Website. It can be attached to an existing club website or it can be used as a standalone mini-web-page.

    If you are interested in a Press Release on the launch we will be happy to provide it, just email me. We are contacting some of our blogger friends in advance of the launch to give the bloggers the heads up. You might be interested in what is going on in relation to Galway GAA?

    By the way both myself and my husband (the boss!) are both Galway persons, but living in Mayo. Well done on the blog, keep up the good work. Vivienne

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