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New Galway Captain..2010

We shall ponder on who should be the new captain for 2010. It’s a hardchoice with many names popping up in the overall running. There was once a time when the county board had selected a captain for the coming year. However, this year is different, with the appointment of Joe Kernan, he sought changes in the system and what Big Joe wants, Big Joe gets. In my opinion I think the county board have made the right decision for him to pick a captain, he can pick a true leader, a player he thinks deserves and most of all a player with pride in the jersey who can lift the team in times of danger.

There are many names that come to mind straight away, Michael Meehan, Joe Bergin, Finian Hanley and the likes. The likes of Michael Meehan for me, fits the bill perfect. At the tender age of 24, the Caltra native is the outstanding candidate, he is a true leader on the pitch as well as being Galways most influential forward in the past few years. Although still being regarded as only starting out in his career in the game, he would still be a good choice. Joe Bergin also comes to ones mind, a fine footballer who can win a ball in the air, when needed he can do the business and lift his fellow players. I would have to rule out veteran Padraig Joyce however, he has been around as captain before(2000 the year we lost to Kerry in the All Ireland Final) and I believe that if he was to give him captain, it would be a wrong choice in ‘the winding down stages’ of his intercounty career.

One thing is for sure however, Joe and his selectors have a big decision on their hands and should take time to get the right man for the job in hand.



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